Is the party game a social crutch or social creator?

Posted on: January 28, 2009

The party game is both the crutch and the creator of the social discovery in a party.

My personality is such that I get very nervous when find myself needing to produce small-talk. I am not a great conversationalist even though I consider myself genuinely interested in people. I often find myself looking for a social crutch to prop up the conversation and give a structure to my social voice. I know that I am not alone in needing something to kick start the conversation.

The ideal social activity would engage me along with a common task with other party attendees. Give me something to do and I will engage with others as I do it. In fact I will turn into quite a party clown if given a social crutch like a party game. There are many very clever conversationalists, but just as many closet-clowns who need the support of a structured activity to start the communication.

I suggest that an activity or game supports and strengthens the social power of any party. The party game forces all the personalities together into a common cause and pulls out the latent fun in everyone. This social creative crutch even assists the “wall-flower” to open-up when they take their turn.

Bringing all the personalities out creates the rich social tapestry that makes parties memorable of everyone. It is sad that some party host never use the party activity crutch because they feel that they don’t want to interrupt the conversations that happen naturally. By using a common activity that requires everyone to take a role creates conversation, creates common ground, creates a group atmosphere and creates contribution. The crutch is the creator of a rich party experience. What crutches have you found to work best for your parties?


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