The US Party Count

Posted on: February 12, 2009

A few months back we started doing some market research to discover the US Party Count. Our goal was to find the number of traditional parties hosted in the US each year so that we could demonstrate the value of online party activities.

This is an impossible task! We have kept Google busy searching and re-searching and we have come to the conclusion that we must make bold assumptions and create a number from thin air!

If you can think of a better way to get the number, go ahead and give it a try!

Our transparency disclaimer: – Some life events create a greater percentage of parties than others. We will make a wild guess as to the percentage of each and then leave it up to you to prove us wrong!

Birthday parties: The US population 305,795,584 as of 8am on Feb. 11th. Each person has a birthday, but only 18% (see disclaimer above) have a party to celebrate each year. 305M X 12% = 36,600,000 Birthday Parties

Baby Showers: There are just over 4 million new babies born each year in the US (14.18 per 1000). The expectant mothers of the first born child get most of the showers because by the 2nd or 3rd child no one pays much attention to parting, just diapers. 26% of pregnant ladies get a party. 4M X 26% = 1,040,000 Baby Showers

Wedding Parties: There were 2,199,517 weddings in 2008. These create bridal showers, bachelor parties and wedding parties. The percentage of these life events that yield a party is very high at 71%. 2M X 71% = 1,420,000 Bridal Parties

Office Parties: With over 9 million businesses in the US, some having multiple locations and departments, there is a lot of parting going on around the holidays or during summer picnic times. 11% of companies have at least one party each year. 9M X 11% = 990,000 Office Parties

Graduation Parties: Over 6 million students graduate from high school and college each year. Some of these graduates get a personal party and many attend some sort ofschool sponsored event. 23% of the graduates attend a party. 6M X 23% = 1,380,000 Graduation Parties

Reunion Parties: There are about 150,000 class reunions a year with average attendance of 180 people. There are about 200,000 family reunions and 6,000 military reunions inviting thousands of people each year. 100% of these are parties.      356,000 Reunion Parties

House Parties: Over 5 million people move into a new home each year and some get a Housewarming party (2%). Neighbors get together for barbecue parties. There are national night-out parties. There are Super Bowl Parties and more. 500,000 House Parties

Misc. Parties: (we got tired of Goggling for statistics, so we just lumped them together) Baptism, Christening, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16, Quinceanera, New Years Eve, Valentine, St. Patty’s Day, Garden, Cocktail, Grand Opening, Mixer, Sorority, Club and Film.

OK, we have done the impossible and have found the EXACT NUMBER of parties hosted each year in the US.

There is somewhere between 38,956,930 and 51,375,935 parties each year…

Prove us right or prove us wrong – But that’s our story and we are sticking to it!


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