The Empty Nest is the Mother of Invention

Posted on: February 13, 2009

During the final days of 2006 our lives made an abrupt change. We had just returned from our youngest daughters wedding reception to start our life as empty-nesters. After twenty-plus years of living in the chaos created from five children, we were left with just the two of us, and the dog.

The strange thing is that we had planned on this day for years, but when it really happened we weren’t prepared for how it would make us feel.

At first it was peace and contentment, but soon we discovered that over the past 30-years we had developed a habit that we couldn’t or didn’t want to break – We were hooked on our kids!  We began to suffer from withdrawal. And to make matters worse; our kids had chosen great spouses, and we had become addicted to them as well.  And the grand kids; well they turned us into real “family-longing junkies” as we sat around staring at each other.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention – Well in our case we needed something invented to cure the longing for when we had children in the family room each night.  We had a tradition of family game playing, so it seemed logical that we would search for a game that would connect us again.

Our dispersed family would not allow gathering in the family room like before, so we started a family game that we could do together on the internet. It started by using simple email messages and attaching images of the gifts that we were sharing in the game.

The second year it expanded the conversation and the engagement increased. By the third year we were playing on a social networking site, attaching videos, images and bantering like craze people.  This online family party has become the cure for our Mom and Dad family- longings.

The family nest is still empty, but the opportunity to connect online virtually fills the space with laughter and banter.  We can again participate and watch our children, in-laws and grand kids in our virtual family room.

We thank the internet for inventing a solution to the empty nest.  What do you do to keep connected?

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