Games are moving toward social

Posted on: April 25, 2009

It is exciting to be part of the leading edge of the online social experience. It is gratifying to read blogs from industry leaders that confirm that we are on the right track at the right time.

AlbinoPhant Online

AlbinoPhant Online

This was illustrated recently in a report by SocialTimes and Kristen Nicole that explained that games are moving toward social.

The PartyWeDo party game format is directly in the middle of this movement.

Kristen’s findings are that multi-player games are finding ways to give real-world tasks to players as a part of the competition. These social aspects are adding to the appeal of the games and building loyal followings.

We have absolutely proven the fact that taking a real-world activity and moving it into the online space adds to the social benefits of the experience.

When our family plays  AlbinoPhant, the white elephant party game, we complete many traditional tasks and competitions. We then use these tasks to socialize for nearly three weeks and create that magical social component of a party game.
Party activities have always used multiple players who are given specific tasks to create the fun. Party hosts know that when people play together at a party there is great social appeal. Party games just build a user-centric network around the activity and it creates a social experience.
The development of the online party game system seems to be making its debut at just the right time.


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