Princess Phant Introduction

Posted on: May 1, 2009

This is the official introduction of Princess Phant.

She is a character in our AlbinoPhant story.  As the “Martha Stewart” of  AlbinoPhant, Princess Phant will see that you understand the party and have a good time while you are here.  She will be posting to the official AlbinoPhant blog, once it opens in the next few weeks.  She is responsible to see that party hosts look like a hero for finding a Party We Do online.

Here is her story:

Welcome to AlbinoPhant!
Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Princess Phant. I’m the daughter of King Thibaw of Burma, and I just love gifts and parties! My father knows this, which is why he’s put me in charge of presenting awards and making sure that your party is everything that you want it to be. So, if it’s OK with you, we’re going to be spending quite a bit of time together from now on…

Being a princess is not all about looking pretty and wearing jewels, you know. It’s also about parties. And gifts.

Princess Phant

Princess Phant

For years, now, I have attended solemn royal banquets and dances; I have worn the finest dresses and eaten the choicest meals; I have been given gifts from noble barons and handsome princes from all over the world. But sometimes it’s just all a bit too… well, stuffy. You know? And a princess likes to let her long, golden hair down sometimes.

Fortunately, my father is a good, kind man. He wants others to enjoy the pleasure of gift-giving and friendship as he does, and he also wants me, his beloved daughter, to have fun while performing my duties as a princess. So he lets me help with this sort of event. I suppose if this were America I’d be a party planner!

I will not only look out for players who deserve special recognition for their bantering skills and gift-buying prowess, but I will join in wherever I can. I know everything there is to know about this game by now! And I want to share my knowledge with you and help you to have the best AlbinoPhant experience imaginable. I’m here to make sure you and your guests have fun, and to give you advice and instructions if and when you need them.

Delighted to make your acquaintance. Let the party begin…


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