Bruce and Sarah Christensen are the first adopters of Party2.0, which is at the intersection of Web 2.0 and the traditional party.  Social DNA from both web 2.0 and regular parties have created a space for a party-we-do online.

The Christensen’s have created an online party network called This online community provides a party room where family and friends can connect just like they do at a traditional party.

Sarah is trained a Recreational Specialist and Bruce has made a career in Marketing. Together they have raised 5 children who work and play together to test the online experience known as

We are located in McMinnville, Oregon.  We are using a professional web development team that includes a group based in Sherwood, Oregon and support from developers in Fremont, California, Pakestain and Ireland.

Sarah and Bruce Christensen

Sarah and Bruce Christensen

HISTORY: A Quest to Stay Connected

About 3-years ago we were preparing for the marriage of our youngest daughter. We were about to become empty nesters after a hectic life raising 5 children. Because we had a large family, theme park adventures were not in the budget.  We found most of our entertainment in the family room of our home,  playing games together.

After the children left home we missed having family activities together. We longed for the banter between brothers and sisters that was at the center of these great memories. We set out to recreate these memorable connections – only this time from a distance. The first time we played online, we used email and an adaptation of the traditional Christmas white elephant gift exchange. It was great fun, so we added more features to the game and did it again the following year. By the third year it had evolved into a 21-day long online social explosion from New Hampshire to California.

THE FUTURE: Time to Share

We now want to share this great party experience with everyone who would like to stay connected. This is a party we do online and so we named the company!


2 Responses to "About"

How does this work. Am interested in keeping in touch with my grown children and grandchildren.

The game is still in development and should be ready to play in September.
I works just like the regular white elephant party. You purchase gifts online, share the images during the online party and then the gifts get delivered directly to the door of every player.

The best part of the online venue is that everyone can play, and the comments, attached videos and images really enhance the experience.

One other difference is that this online version is a social explosion that will last several days or even weeks, unlike the old style that is just a one night party.

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