White Elephant Gift Exchange – Online

Welcome to AlbinoPhant: you’re going to love this party!albinophantfinallogosquare

AlbinoPhant invites you to a gift exchange party with an exciting new twist.
The idea is the same as before, and everyone knows the drill, right? You and your friends and family bring a gift to the party, you open the gifts, you steal them from each other, and you have fun together in the process.
Everyone loves a White Elephant Party! And, at AlbinoPhant, you can make the process of hosting and organizing a party more simple than it’s ever been before – because it’s all done online!

That means you can invite friends and family from all over the country.
Everyone can make this party! All your favorite people are just a click away from joining in – so be sure to tell them that this is a real gift exchange, with a real gift delivered to their door at the end of it! No virtual gifts here – this is the real deal.

AlbinoPhant is designed to give you and your party guests some real fun, too, with a colorful fictional setting to add a touch of magic to your party. There are stories, fun awards, and markets where you can go and buy your gift for the party. You can even share your party experience on your other social networks, so everyone can get involved. The more, the merrier!

What we want you to understand is that AlbinoPhant is a real party, just like the traditional gift exchange parties you’ve been to in the past. It’s just… well, it’s better. It’s a complete experience; it’s a competition; it’s a game; it’s a social get-together; it’s an online community; it’s a real party! And it’s right there on your screen. nick-at-the-computer
The AlbinoPhant website is your venue – but you are the host, and you and your family and friends bring the party to life.

Buy gifts, open gifts, pass gifts, steal gifts…

…all the while, having fun with your friends and family – AlbinoPhant is the perfect way to connect and keep in touch. It’s set up to let you enjoy all the banter, conversation, laughter and sharing that you’d find at any great party, so dive right in and be the joker, or the story-teller, or the tease, or whoever you’d normally be!

At AlbinoPhant, you can make the most of the online setting to do things you couldn’t do at an ordinary party. Share links, pictures, video clips…
whatever you can use to add to the atmosphere of fun that makes a great AlbinoPhant party! Don’t just sit in the corner: come out of your shell and enjoy the party.

Take your party of friends online, or gather together those distant relatives for family fun and games. It’s all in one place, and it’s so simple to start your own party. AlbinoPhant will manage the whole thing. Anyone can be a host – it’s easy!

jim-and-sherlene-at-computerJump into this magical, mystical, and above all FUN world of ancient traditions and colorful characters, and connect with the people that matter to you. Share fun and games, stories and laughter, banter and gifts, just as you would at an ordinary White Elephant party, on a website that enhances your party experience and yet is so easy to use.

AlbinoPhant: you’re going to love this party.

6 Responses to "White Elephant Gift Exchange – Online"

My extended family gets together every year on the Saturday between Christmas and New Years for our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange. However, as our family has grown and moved away, our entire group is unable to get together every year. I really like the idea of being able to have this gift exchange online, but can’t figure out how it works. Could you please email me a complete description of how this actually works? Thanks! Looking forward to your reply!

Until next time – Debra KP Zook (McMinnville, Oregon)

Your situation if very similar to what Sarah and I have experienced. This is why we are building this internet mimic of the White Elephant Party. If you are on Facebook you can join the group: White Elephant Fans. This is the group that we are developing to assist us in all the beta testing. Or you can keep watching this blog for developments.
We anticipate a website with more details to be ready for a peek in about 30-days from now.
We will love to have your family take a look at what we are doing.
Thanks Debra!

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I have never heard of the White Elephant Party or Exchange!!!!

The white elephant exchange is a style of gift exchange party where invitees bring a wrapped gift to share. The exchange is random, so the gift should be universal and usually a conversation starter. The most entertaining white elephant parties have some gifts that are unusual.
The playing order is selected at random and that person has a choice between opening a gift or “stealing” a gift from someone who has opened a gift previously. The stealing allows the person who lost a gift to then steal or open another gift.
The party continues with lively banter and fun as gifts are revealed, stolen and re-stolen. At the end of the party, everyone has some sort of gift and goes home happy with a great social experience.

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