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Your Going to Love this Party!

Your Going to Love this Party!

Click Here and view the introductory video.
Your going to love this party!

AlbinoPhant Introduction

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It is exciting to be part of the leading edge of the online social experience. It is gratifying to read blogs from industry leaders that confirm that we are on the right track at the right time.

AlbinoPhant Online

AlbinoPhant Online

This was illustrated recently in a report by SocialTimes and Kristen Nicole that explained that games are moving toward social.

The PartyWeDo party game format is directly in the middle of this movement.

Kristen’s findings are that multi-player games are finding ways to give real-world tasks to players as a part of the competition. These social aspects are adding to the appeal of the games and building loyal followings.

We have absolutely proven the fact that taking a real-world activity and moving it into the online space adds to the social benefits of the experience.

When our family plays  AlbinoPhant, the white elephant party game, we complete many traditional tasks and competitions. We then use these tasks to socialize for nearly three weeks and create that magical social component of a party game.
Party activities have always used multiple players who are given specific tasks to create the fun. Party hosts know that when people play together at a party there is great social appeal. Party games just build a user-centric network around the activity and it creates a social experience.
The development of the online party game system seems to be making its debut at just the right time.

The first party activity of the PartyWeDo network is an online mimic of the traditional white elephant gift exchange.

The Online Party Network

The Online Party Network

Our development team is hard at work putting the site together.  In the meantime we are working on the introductory video and we thought we would share the first draft of the script and get your thoughts. Please read it over and give your opinion…

Do you get it?  Did it make you want to click through and find out more?

OK here goes:

Welcome to AlbinoPhant: you’re going to love this party!

Gift Sharing

Gift Sharing

AlbinoPhant invites you to a gift exchange party with an exciting new twist.
The idea is the same as before, and everyone knows the drill, right? You and your friends and family bring a gift to the party, you open the gifts, you steal them from each other, and you have fun together in the process.
Everyone loves a White Elephant Party! And, at AlbinoPhant, you can make the process of hosting and organizing a party more simple than it’s ever been before – because it’s all done online!

Starting a party is much easier on AlbinoPhant than at some local venue, because you can invite friends and family from all over the world. Everyone can make this party! No need to miss out. All your favorite people are just a click away from joining your party – so be sure to tell them that this is a real gift exchange, with a real gift delivered to their door at the end of it! No virtual gifts here – this is the real deal.

AlbinoPhant is designed to give you and your party guests some real fun, too, with a colorful

It is Online

It is Online

fictional setting to add a touch of magic to your party. There are stories, fun awards, even special AlbinoPhant markets where you can go and buy your gift for the party. The difference is that you don’t have to go out and face the crowds to do it; nor do you have to battle against traffic on the way to the party. It’s all right there on the AlbinoPhant site! Hey – if you feel like shopping or partying in your pajamas, that’s your call…

Let’s face it, social networks are how everyone keeps in touch, these days, and AlbinoPhant lets you share the experience with your other networks. Let friends follow what you’re doing at your party, and it’ll have the effect of making them sit outside the door listening to the fun and laughter spilling out! They won’t be able to wait for the next party so that they can join in too.

What we want you to understand is that AlbinoPhant is a real party, just like the traditional gift exchange parties you’ve been to in the past. It’s just… well, it’s better. It’s a complete



experience; it’s a competition; it’s a game; it’s a social get-together; it’s an online community; it’s a real party! And it’s right there on your screen. The action unfolds with every click of the mouse and tap on the keyboard. The AlbinoPhant website is your venue – but you are the host, and you and your family and friends bring the party to life.

Buy gifts, open gifts, pass gifts, steal gifts…

…all the while, having fun with your friends and family – AlbinoPhant is the perfect way to connect and keep in touch. It’s set up to let you enjoy all the banter, conversation, laughter and sharing that you’d find at any great party, so dive right in and be the joker, or the story-teller, or the tease, or whoever you’d normally be!

Every AlbinoPhant player will be able to keep up with the conversations on their page, and you

Players Page

Players Page

can make the most of the online setting to do things you couldn’t do at an ordinary party. Share links, pictures, video clips…
whatever you can use to add to the atmosphere of fun that makes a great AlbinoPhant party! Don’t just sit in the corner: come out of your shell and enjoy the party. And if you need an extra incentive, well… the more you share, the more likely you are to win a special award…

Social Party

Social Party

Take your party of friends online, or gather together those distant relatives for family fun and games. It’s all in one place, and it’s so simple to start your own party. Just click on the white elephant in the box to get started, and AlbinoPhant will manage the whole thing. Anyone can be a host – it’s easy!

Jump into this magical, mystical, and above all FUN world of ancient traditions and colorful characters, and connect with the people that matter to you. Share fun and games, stories and laughter, banter and gifts, just as you would at an ordinary White Elephant party, on a website that enhances your party experience and yet is so easy to use.

AlbinoPhant: you’re going to love this party.AlbinoPhant Logo

Someone has stolen my meaning of Party. They took its innocence and childlike excitement and I WANT THE Real PARTY BACK!party-family1

Before the word Party was co-opted, its sole meaning to me was to explain a supportive social experience among family and friends. It was innocent, fun and brought out the best in people. Now “Party” has become associated with binge drinking, sex and bad behavior.

I mostly like the Wikipedia definition of Party;

A party is a gathering of persons who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, and recreation. A party will typically feature eating and drinking, and often music and dancing as well.

Socializing… Conversation… Recreation

These three words I associate with the word party. To me these are still innocent, fun and supportive.

I don’t see a thing wrong with the typical features explained by the wiki, when used in moderation (I am personally against drinking). What has happened over time is that we have pushed some of these fun features of a typical party toward bad behavior, and it saddens me.

My ranting about the loss of innocence for the word party may not do much to bring back the friendly socializing, conversation and recreation that define a party to me.

But I can do this: Provide a platform where these three purposes can grow in strength. It is my passion to build an online party network that gathers family and friends together in banter and fun. I can create an online space where a host can invite people to share in social conversation and engage in recreational activities. The goal is to support the many life events that have spawned a party and bring the fun online.

You can define Party as you might, but for me the party is a supportive social experience for connecting family and friends. How do you define party?


There has been a lot of discussion on the blogs concerning paid content, endorsements and sponsorships. Forrester Research started the argument with a report on sponsored posts. Chris Brogan spooled up the discussion with the suggestion that being straight forward about intentions has worked for people like John Chow and Shoemoney. Chris had a lively group of comments from those on both sides of the fence. Marshall Kirkpatrick of Readwriteweb came out strongly against the practice suggesting that “paying bloggers to write about your company is a dangerous and unsavory path for new media”. Valeria Maltoni’s conversation856211 added thoughts on blog sustainability, transparency and development as we witness an evolving marketing system.

I see social media as a large post office box full of party invitations. This box is stuffed with varying invitations in appealing envelopes. You open them at your option and by reading the words on the card you make a personal choice. No one is looking over your shoulder so you can toss them or keep them. Most of the invitations that you receive are pretty straight forward and transparent. When the Tupperware party invitation is opened, you are aware that if you go, somebody at the party will be selling something. You can choose to attend the party, share in the fun and conversation and purchase product, or you can decline the invitation. The invitation to the White Elephant Gift Exchange states clearly that you must bring a $25 gift to the party. You can measure the advantages of the social banter, personal engagement and gift sharing against other investments of your time. These invitations, along with past party experiences provide you with the transparency to understand the intentions of the host.

The other underlying factor in choosing party attendance is the value you place upon the host of the party. If you have attended their parties in the past and found them duds, you probably would toss the invitation. On the other hand, some party hosts have a reputation of sponsoring a social explosion and you would be a fool to miss the date. The great hosts make a Tupperware or a White Elephant or even a knitting party worth the effort. Trustworthy hosts have earned their reputation by demonstrating that they bring added value to the party experience. They prove through their actions that they can sustain the value of the party even if there is selling involved. They send invitations that are clear in their intent.

If they choose to have a banner over the punch bowl that states, “Punch sponsored by Hawaiian Tropic”, you are free to ask the host why. An honest host would state that the company provided the punch free for you in exchange for displaying the sign. A well-trusted host could suggest that Hawaiian Tropic is their personal favorite and you would not be offended. A clever host would plan a party game that involved the punch in the conversation and in the activity. In the end, you had a great time with friends and family, associated with an experienced and practical host and didn’t mind that the party was partially subsidized by the punch distributor.

As I explore the blog invitations that are presented to me by the social web, I like the fact that I can freely measure the value of the host. I appreciate hosts who provide open communication so that I can ask why the “punch banner” is there on the page. I know that I can look at the conversation to determine if I can trust the site to be full of great conversation. I am grateful for the experiences presented to me, so an honest attempt to pay the bills makes perfect sense to me.

You have to be impressed by those who can create comfortable conversation with someone that they just met. You know the people; they come to the party and the conversation just flows in every direction that they turn. These conversationalists seem to make friends at the drop of the hat.

But are these real friends or is this fleeting friendship? David Armano the VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass, suggested that in some ways the word friendship, in the old context is dead, but friendship, with the new technology is very much alive and well.

There are so many social networks that link people together that even the non-gifted conversationalist creates fairly strong friendships over time. David suggests that there is a similar dynamic between meeting up with old friends and meeting online friends. He says “We’re able to launch right into a comfortable conversation as if we’ve known each other for years. But in reality—we’d just met”.

This dynamic works in party situations as well; if there is a way to build common ground into the conversation. Most parties use a group activity to build friendship opportunities.

Think of a party activity as Wiki collaboration that builds into a friendship facilitator.

Let’s assume that the party starts with clusters of conversations in various parts of the room. If the host is smart, they will offer a collaborative event to break the ice and facilitate connections. As the activity progresses the personalities of the players come out through the natural banter generated by human connection. Friendships develop as like-minded people begin to find common ground in the activity.

This collaboration turns strangers into social partners, then into friends, and sometimes the result into friendships.

The party’s ability to generate friendships from thin air is an amazing study in personal dynamics. Playing games together with strangers can create comfortable conversation as if you had known a person for years, when in reality the party just introduced you.

This style of friendship facilitator system works much faster than other “friend” networks, due to the common party activity. The odds of building lasting friendships from these collaborations are the magic of party events. Watch and observe how strangers can become close friends from a party.