The Online Party Network

Flipping through the pages of your family album floods your mind with rich memories. This collection represents great experiences with family and friends. It reminds you of the first birthday of a child, the sweet 16 party of a daughter, a graduation day, the wedding of son, the birth of a grandchild or grandpa’s retirement party. Your pictures represent these shared events which are the mile markers of a rich life.

Your album demonstrates a legacy of birthday parties, wedding receptions and baby showers. You are reminded of office parties and family gift exchanges during the holidays. These connections with family and friends have provided you with great times. But there is a problem with the movement of time.

As time passes, close connections become more challenging. Friends move away, and children leave the nest. Sharing experiences become more difficult as distance interrupts your personal connections.

Life marches onward; your cousin announces a baby, but her gift shower is two states away. There is a class reunion this summer, but travel expenses prohibit attendance. And, the old family gift exchange party? Well, it is but a distant memory.

But, what if you could connect again with your family without leaving home? What if technology could mimic the same events that fill our photo albums? Wouldn’t you want to build more great memories with old friends?

With the PartyWeDo online party network, you use the internet to close the distance between family and friends. You join the birthday party, participate in the family gift exchange and share in the fun of the baby shower; all online.

The PartyWeDo mission is to connect you with others in lively party activities. You will participate in activities that promote banter, sharing, laughter and fun, just like you always have done. It is a party that is easy to host, easy to attend and simple to play.

PartyWeDo will manage the details and provide you with a party that will become your personal time machine, taking you back and building your memory album.


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