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Seth Goden posted a discussion about marketing and product. His comments were insightful as usual, but it was his link to a clip from the TV drama, Mad Men that really hit home. In this clip an advertising executive is pitching some Kodak executives on the power of the “wheel” that holds the slides. In 3-minutes he changed a simple circle into a “carousel of memories”. As I viewed the clip it filled me with memories of my family. My mind began to wander to the many great times that are cataloged in the carousel of my mind. I really felt the nostalgia that this pitch delivered. I dare you to watch and not feel something.

Most of my great memories involve rather small circles. A circle of family, a circle of co-workers or a circle friends. The circles are mostly small, but my carousel is full of memories that are rich and large. The more time I spend reviewing these memories the more I become engaged in the good feelings created by my personal circles.

As I clicked back through my memories, I realize that most are tied to events in which I was involved with these groups of people. Like old slides displayed in the family Kodak projector, these memories display a time or a place of individual connection among my family, friends or business associates.

These events fill my memories so that is why parties are so interesting to me. Many memories and photos in my slide show are rooted in a birthday, holiday, wedding and other party which has encircled me.

A party provides several opportunities to connect and create the snapshots of memories that eventually fill a lifetime of carousels.

I wonder – is a party with a circle of friends or family the carousel of social experiences?