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You have to be impressed by those who can create comfortable conversation with someone that they just met. You know the people; they come to the party and the conversation just flows in every direction that they turn. These conversationalists seem to make friends at the drop of the hat.

But are these real friends or is this fleeting friendship? David Armano the VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass, suggested that in some ways the word friendship, in the old context is dead, but friendship, with the new technology is very much alive and well.

There are so many social networks that link people together that even the non-gifted conversationalist creates fairly strong friendships over time. David suggests that there is a similar dynamic between meeting up with old friends and meeting online friends. He says “We’re able to launch right into a comfortable conversation as if we’ve known each other for years. But in reality—we’d just met”.

This dynamic works in party situations as well; if there is a way to build common ground into the conversation. Most parties use a group activity to build friendship opportunities.

Think of a party activity as Wiki collaboration that builds into a friendship facilitator.

Let’s assume that the party starts with clusters of conversations in various parts of the room. If the host is smart, they will offer a collaborative event to break the ice and facilitate connections. As the activity progresses the personalities of the players come out through the natural banter generated by human connection. Friendships develop as like-minded people begin to find common ground in the activity.

This collaboration turns strangers into social partners, then into friends, and sometimes the result into friendships.

The party’s ability to generate friendships from thin air is an amazing study in personal dynamics. Playing games together with strangers can create comfortable conversation as if you had known a person for years, when in reality the party just introduced you.

This style of friendship facilitator system works much faster than other “friend” networks, due to the common party activity. The odds of building lasting friendships from these collaborations are the magic of party events. Watch and observe how strangers can become close friends from a party.