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Entrepreneurs have begun to explore the legacy of human social touch points and are parsing them up into several web-enabled social substitutes.

They start with a legacy activity, strip it down to its basic DNA and then create a working mimic in cyber-space. Then, as the legions of well-trained legacy users see how close the online mimic is to their legacy activity, they flock to the experience.

The legacy of hallway conversation is now mimicked by the likes of Facebook and Myspace. The simple note passing DNA is pulled from its friend-to-friend legacy and turned into Twitter. Networking at the water cooler is now cloned and facilitated by Linkedin. Even family picture albums have donated some DNA to create networks like Flickr. Networks like Digg use the core elements of getting “picked” to play schoolyard ball and build their social ranking systems.

It seems that society’s legacy activities have yielded some great opportunities to both the Web 2.0 pioneers and their users.

The fact is that these web networks are not replacing the legacy activities, but they expand and enhance the socializing on the internet using legacy DNA.

The magic of these efforts are that the virtual hallway, photo album and water cooler can be anywhere, at anytime, and include everyone – All at the same time.

What is interesting to me is the absence of an internet clone derived from party-DNA. There is no question that there is a legacy of great party events in our society, so where is the cyber-party? The web could morph a traditional party into something with greater reach and excitement if the DNA was extracted and adapted.

Why isn’t there a party network built upon this huge social legacy?