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Someone has stolen my meaning of Party. They took its innocence and childlike excitement and I WANT THE Real PARTY BACK!party-family1

Before the word Party was co-opted, its sole meaning to me was to explain a supportive social experience among family and friends. It was innocent, fun and brought out the best in people. Now “Party” has become associated with binge drinking, sex and bad behavior.

I mostly like the Wikipedia definition of Party;

A party is a gathering of persons who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, and recreation. A party will typically feature eating and drinking, and often music and dancing as well.

Socializing… Conversation… Recreation

These three words I associate with the word party. To me these are still innocent, fun and supportive.

I don’t see a thing wrong with the typical features explained by the wiki, when used in moderation (I am personally against drinking). What has happened over time is that we have pushed some of these fun features of a typical party toward bad behavior, and it saddens me.

My ranting about the loss of innocence for the word party may not do much to bring back the friendly socializing, conversation and recreation that define a party to me.

But I can do this: Provide a platform where these three purposes can grow in strength. It is my passion to build an online party network that gathers family and friends together in banter and fun. I can create an online space where a host can invite people to share in social conversation and engage in recreational activities. The goal is to support the many life events that have spawned a party and bring the fun online.

You can define Party as you might, but for me the party is a supportive social experience for connecting family and friends. How do you define party?